The 2013 CFF in Tokyo
Posted On Wednesday, October 09, 2013

This year, attended the 2013 CFF in Tokyo in a great fortune, we were astonishingly to find out that many local clients were attracted to the CFF, given the global economy situation was not so good recent years.

Looking back this exhibition, we gained a lot of experiences as we enriched the business knowledge, improved the negotiating skills and learned the latest requirements of Japanese market. Comparing with competitors in the exhibition, we obviously recognized our developing and marketing potentiality as well as our shortcomings. Although well prepared, we had some problems on exhibiting and negotiating at the very beginning of the exhibition because of inadequate experiences. As the exhibition proceeded, however, by constantly adjusting the number and placement of exhibits, and arranging more advertisings, more and more clients showed their interests in our products.

At last, we were encouraged by the result of our exhibiting in CFF 2013, and determined to work harder to accumulate more knowledge and experience on exhibiting. We are looking forward to the next exhibition.