The 114th session of Canton Fair
Posted On Thursday, November 21, 2013

The 114th session of Canton Fair, which lasted for 16 days, was closed at Nov 4th. High-hope Champion Holdings Ltd. (HHCH) attended the 2nd and 3rd phase of this semi-annual fair, which were mainly for porducts like  machineries, handmade toys, and home textiles.


In order to show the best side of HHCH, the salespersons from HHCH made every effort to select exposition products, and to decorate and arrange the booth.  As the foreign buyers were impressed by the large amount of exhibition products, the unique style of arrangement and the hospitality of our salespersons, they showed their great interests in our products and asked for further information. After that, many inquires turned into orders.


To conclude our performance during the 114th Canton Fair, we found out that we did a good job in a relatively tough fair compared to the past fairs. However, as the result of the inadequate and shrinking extend demands, the quantity of the short- and middle-term orders overwhelmed long-term ones in a large scale. This situation urges us to accelerate the transformation of growth model and restructuring.