Report form 2014 Las Vegas Magic Show
Posted On Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Well known as the "entertainment capital of the world", Las Vegas has a long standing reputation for hosting the greatest magic shows on the earth, including the best of best magician David Copperfield. However, this time we are not attending any magic performances, although its name Magic Show is inspired from it. In fact, it’s the most famous and professional textile show held for over years in America, we’re here to try if we’re lucky enough to gamble a great Black Jack Point, I mean, a big business chance… 

This is the first time that I come to Las Vegas, the glamour, glitz and excitement of this Sin City impressed me very much. The Magic Show was held in the downtown of the city from Feb-17 to Feb-20. I found business chance is not so good as I expected, even though our booth is in the good area of the exhibit hall, the visitor flow was just so so, some what even less than Canton Fair…and I was told it was a prosperous show previously, but situation has changed since last year, due to the economic crisis and high cost from China, less and less guests visit the exhibition area of China. Oppositely, I found the exhibition area of India-Pakistan is much busier, I guess the visitors flow must be forced to this area due to the costing pressure. On the other hand, after talking with several visitors, I found the American even developed a series of textile industry in domestic cities, such as Los Angeles, they print & sew the garments there. One embarrassed example is, after a lengthen & sincere talking, a guest told me he likes my production very much, but the price is almost same as what they did in Los Angeles, which makes him to drop it!


Accompanied with the speeding up of industrialization in China, we’re forced to face the higher and higher labour cost, raw material prices, as well as the appreciation of RMB vs USD, we need to find some way to control the cost. If you can’t make it, you have to promote your production into a higher grade, even some big-named brand, otherwise it will be difficult to survive in textile fields.



Guo Hao.

High Hope Int'l Group Jiangsu Champion Holdings Ltd.