Report form 2014 Las Vegas Magic Show
Posted On Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sourcing at Magic

It’s my honor to attend Sourcing at Magic in Las Vegas USA during Aug.17-Aug.20, 2014.

My booth was in the area of Ladies’ and Men’s Garment. I prepared series of Ladies’ and Men’s T-shirts, sweatshirts for the show. For ladies’ styles, I chose some fashion ones with special treatment like dirty wash, marble wash, spray print, hang-dye, dip-dye and pigment dye. For men’s styles, I exhibited styles with garment wash, complicated embroidery, inside print, etc.

Those who came to my booth were all USA buyers. Most of them were attracted by a series of cotton terry T-shirts. The terry was a kind of thick cotton fabric with weight 300 gsm, and was designed in a short sleeve style. After white spray wash, the T-shirt came out a vintage effect. It was an example to show how to catch buyer’s eyesight, and also proved that design and fabric are two key points for a piece of garment.

During the show, I walked out of my booth and visited other booths from different countries, to find what my peer counterparts were doing and what kind of garments were more attractive. Vietnam, Bangladesh, Korean, Mexico, Egypt, Columbia booths spread themselves in the exhibition hall. T shirts, shirts, jeans were distributed. USA native booths were in the first floor of exhibition hall. The garments were very fashionable, such as well cut women’s dresses, wind coats, etc.

 During the four-day-show, I encountered new buyers and talked with them about the entire economic environment especially garment industry. Some of them were not optimistic as the industry was not so ideal these years.

Beside my booth, there was a fabric booth also came from China. I found a kind of fabric with embossed pattern was quite attractive for USA buyers. This kind of fabric could be used on blankets and garments. It is popular in USA now and well-sold. This gave me a new inspiration.

The show is very educative. And I hope this show will be a new page for our future business.